For fans of Rory Power and Stranger Things comes an all-new, hair-raising mystery about a girl whose family secrets are as threatening as the desert that surrounds her—but whose quest to expose the truth may tear apart reality itself. 

Mind-bending and wholly engrossing—I couldn't read it fast enough!

Kayla Olson, author of The Sandcastle Empire and This Splintered Silence


A feast of mystery and intrigue, No Beauties or Monsters explores the way in which our lives twine around infinite possibilities. To read it is to be caught between a dream and a nightmare.

Parker Peevyhouse, author of Strange Exit and The Echo Room

No Beauties or Monsters is brilliantly plotted, atmospheric and taut. Goedjen keeps you turning pages, along for the ride with the beautifully-drawn Rylie as she searches for answers just out of grasp.

Marit Weisenberg, author of The Insomniacs


Like its Mojave Desert setting, No Beauties or Monsters is mysterious, bizarre, and utterly unique. Brimming with family secrets, disturbing murders, and a main character whose own memories can’t be trusted, this book is tense from the startling first chapter until the puzzle pieces finally—chillingly—fall into place.

Chelsea Sedoti, author of  It Came From the Sky  and The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett