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No Beauties or Monsters

(Delacorte/Random House; available to order now from all bookstores!)




For fans of Stranger Things and Veronica Mars comes an all-new, hair-raising mystery about a girl whose desperate search for her missing friend unearths dark secrets, preternatural threats, and a truth that could ultimately tear her family, friends, and town apart. 

Welcome to Twentynine Palms, where nothing is what it seems. 


Rylie hasn’t been back to the military base in Twentynine Palms, California, since her dad died. She left a lot of memories out there, buried in the sand of the Mojave Desert. Memories about her dad, her old friends Nathan and Lily, and most of all, her enigmatic grandfather, a man who cut ties with Rylie’s family before he passed away. But her mom’s new work assignment has sent their family to Twentynine Palms again, and now Rylie’s in the one place she never wanted to return to.


At least her old friends are happy to welcome her home. Well, some of them, anyway. It turns out Lily is gone, vanished into the desert. To make matters worse, there are whispers around town of a mysterious killer on the loose.


But it isn’t just Twentynine Palms that feels frightening—there’s something wrong with Rylie, too. She’s seeing things she can’t explain. Visions of monstrous creatures that stalk the night.


Somehow, it all seems to be tied to her grandfather and the family cabin he left behind. Rylie wants the truth, but she doesn’t know if she can trust herself. Are the monsters in her head really out there? Or could it be that the deadliest thing in the desert… is Rylie herself?

The Breathless_2_3.jpg
The Breathless

(Delacorte/Random House; out now)

For fans of the dark family secrets of We Were Liars and the page-turning suspense of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, The Breathless is a haunting tale of deeply buried secrets, forbidden love, and how far some will go to bring back what’s long dead.

No one knows what really happened on the beach where Roxanne Cole’s body was found, but her boyfriend, Cage, took off that night and hasn’t been seen since. Until now. One year—almost to the day—from Ro’s death, when he knocks on the door of Blue Gate Manor and asks where she is.

Cage has no memory of the past twelve months. According to him, Ro was alive only the day before. Ro’s sister Mae wouldn’t believe him, except that something’s not right. Nothing’s been right in the house since Ro died.

And then Mae finds the little green book. The one hidden in Ro’s room. It’s filled with secrets—dangerous secrets—about her family, and about Ro. And if what it says is true, then maybe, just maybe, Ro isn’t lost forever.

And maybe there are secrets so dark, they should never see the light of day.

Praise for No Beauties or Monsters  & The Breathless


A desert full of mystery. A girl who sees things she shouldn’t. Desperate to unlock the secrets of Twentynine Palms, I raced through this book!

Erin Craig, New York Times bestselling author of House of Salt and Sorrows

A mind-bending and atmospheric mystery that kept me turning pages long into the night. 

Kara Thomas, author of The Cheerleaders and That Weekend

Sears with uncanny malice from the very first page—and then quickly explodes into a blistering fever dream. Insidiously beautiful. 

Krystal Sutherland, New York Times bestselling author of House of Hollow


Wholly engrossing—I couldn't read it fast enough!

Kayla Olson, author of The Sandcastle Empire and This Splintered Silence


A feast of mystery and intrigue, No Beauties or Monsters explores the way in which our lives twine around infinite possibilities. To read it is to be caught between a dream and a nightmare.

Parker Peevyhouse, author of Strange Exit and The Echo Room

Brilliantly plotted, atmospheric and taut

Marit Weisenberg, author of The Insomniacs

Like its Mojave Desert setting, No Beauties or Monsters is mysterious, bizarre, and utterly unique... Tense from the startling first chapter until the puzzle pieces finally—chillingly—fall into place.

Chelsea Sedoti, author of The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett and As You Wish

An eerie and unforgettable read with all the strange, pale beauty of a desert sunset. I loved [it]. 

Kate Williams, author of The Babysitters Coven series

[The Breathless] is full of secrets, dark magic, and satisfying twists and turns.


Bringing together horror, romance, and tragedy in one creepy old house,…[The Breathless] will leave readers heartbroken and haunted.

The Bulletin

This sultry Southern tale is drenched in atmosphere! A world of secrets, mysterious family heirlooms, and forbidden love. Get ready to be bewitched by a story where not only does the past live on . . . the dead do, too!

Adriana Mather, New York Times bestselling author of  How to Hang a Witch

An absorbing and romantic Gothic mystery that will haunt you long after the final page.

Kara Thomas, author of Little Monsters and The Cheerleaders

Evocative and mysteriousThe Breathless is rich with layered secrets and intertwined stories of love and loss.

Sarah Tomp, author of  My Best Everything

The Breathless is part magic-tinged mystery, part Southern Gothic, and part romance that chills and thrills you all at once. I couldn't put it down!

Tara Hudson, author of the Hereafter trilogy

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